Working and Learning in a Time of Crisis

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Social distancing seems eerily similar to social media, doesn’t it? They both require staying out of personal and close contact and resorting to an alternative means of communication. While social media and other electronic means of communication may have its advantages/disadvantages on humans and social relationships, in these current and strange times, it seems that the electronic means of communication is keeping many of us together while we have to remain apart.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the rationale and seriousness behind it because these measures are put in place to protect people and combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.  For most of us, the internet is what is saving us. Technology in general is being relied on more and more throughout this process to “normalize” situations as those quarantined indoors are still able to go online and get items delivered, remain working, and students can continue with their studies. For those that aren’t able to work from home or have been (or are in fear of being) laid off, their futures as they currently exist are less certain than others. So, if you fall into the latter, maybe it is time to plan your next steps to change your future because when the economy kicks back up, there’s a good chance that employers will be looking to hire (or rehire) quality talent that was lost in the wake of the crisis. When that happens, how prepared will you be to be considered one of those top candidates?

If you’ve been thinking about it, now may be a great time to take action. Learning new skills or refining and enhancing current ones can be done completely online and on your schedule. Online learning falls in line with remaining safe and out of personal contact and it benefits you in the long run. Instructors are at your fingertips and you have a network of peers with whom you share similar goals.

According to UGotTClass, a division of LERN (The Learning Resources Network), the top online certificate programs include:

Online development and education can help you get the skills you need to be a top candidate in a competitive workforce. While there is still looming uncertainty surrounding the types and availability of employment after the crisis has subsided and the economy enters recovery, having additional training and education will place you in a certain class of talent that employers will surely need to get their businesses back on track.

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