Webinar: The Power of Personality Assessments

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Business is ultimately about people…and we all want to believe we are well-intentioned in our work interactions – open, accepting of other’s differences, and constructive in our responses. Yet, research shows that each of us has different behavioral preferences related to our personalities that can create attractions or aversions to others in our workplace.

An increasing number of organizations are turning to personality tests to help assess individual predispositions to provide powerful insights for increasing interpersonal relationships with colleagues, customers, vendors, and others! These assessments create the conversational safe space within your organization to resolve issues between departments, iron out workflow bottlenecks, improve communication, and build trust within teams.

In this informative webinar, we explore two of the best-known and most effective assessment tools, DiSC and MBTI, for their applicability and value for organizational alignment. We’ll hear from subject matter experts, as well as business leaders who have seen the value of utilizing personality tests for their organizations.

Watch the replay as our speakers:

  • Describe what each assessment is and how they have seen used in the workplace
  • Describe the positive outcomes organizations see when they perform these assessments and related workshops (i.e. conflict resolution, more effective meetings, clearer communication, increased ability to meet deadlines, negotiate differences, increase team trust, etc.)
  • List the benefits within their organizations of taking this approach to develop talent

Meet the Speakers

Joel Barkman: Joel Barkman is the founder and CEO of Golden Rule Builders. Joel built the first Golden Rule home in Fauquier County over 25 years ago. Since then, he has continued to build a reputation on quality, service, and community. More recently, he was named the 2009 Builder of the Year by the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association (NVBIA) and the 2010 Business Person of the Year by the Fauquier County Chamber of Commerce.

Joel spends much of his free time serving on building industry and community committees such as the Balanced Growth Alliance, Business Advisory Council, Transportation Committee, NVBIA Council, The Custom Builders Council, and Remodeler’s Advantage. He is known in the community for his feature column “Ask a Builder” published in the Time Community News, an opportunity he uses as a public service to educate the readership about all things “building.” As a leader in the Green Building movement, many of the columns discuss responsible building practices, sustainable design, healthy living, Universal Design, and environmental stewardship — all of which help make for a stronger community.

Jeanian Clark: With 20 years of workforce development and human resource experience, Jeanian Clark knows a thing or two about employee engagement. She has a diverse background in many industries including manufacturing, information technology, and education. She is currently the Vice President of Workforce Development at Laurel Ridge Community College. She earned her bachelor’s degree from James Madison University, a master’s degree from Old Dominion University, and is DDI certified. Jeanian has a demonstrated track record of building and leading successful, cohesive teams and believes in the power of using personality assessments, such as MBTI to help drive that cohesion.

Debera Taylor: Debera Taylor is the current President & CEO of a multi-million-dollar non-profit organization located in Winchester, Virginia that serves adults with disabilities. In every role of her career, she has focused on people. She has coached, counseled, and developed individuals to reach their highest potential. Her work experience spans industries such as manufacturing, distribution, logistics, retail, and foodservice operations. She holds her bachelor’s degree in business, has been certified as a human resource professional, holds a blackbelt in Lean Six Sigma process improvement, and has completed graduate-level courses in adult education. She has extensive experience leading DiSC workshops and helping organizations understand and apply DiSC personality types.

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