Valley Today: Free Webinar Building the People Skill Pipeline

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Our conversation today with Guy Curtis, Director of Marketing for Laurel Ridge Community College introduced us to Deb Taylor, Director of Corporate Training for Workforce Solutions.

We talked about all the options available to small, medium, and large businesses for customized training. Training can include skills for doing a particular job as well as people skills like communication, managing emotions in the workplace, and more.

Laurel Ridge Community College will be offering several open-enrollment courses on these topics in February. These are a product of recent survey results and outcomes from their webinar in August: Looking Ahead Together.

Deb gave us details for their next free webinar: Building the People Skill Pipeline which happens via Zoom at 9:30am on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. The webinar will feature ways that Workforce Solutions is responding to employer needs, talk about current trends, and give a sneak peek of upcoming Power Skill courses. Get more details about the webinar including registration information here:

Get more information about the Power Skills courses here:

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