Laurel Ridge Workforce Solutions Talks Leadership Excellence on the Valley Today Radio Show

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We pre-recorded today’s conversation via Zoom with Guy Curtis, Director of Marketing for Laurel Ridge Workforce Solutions, Carlene Hurdle, Corporate Training Director, and Jay Foreman, an instructor for corporate training and the upcoming Leadership Excellence program. Jay is also a John C. Maxwell-certified trainer, coach, and best-selling author.

Leadership Excellence is a cohort of seasoned leaders who want to continue to invest in their leadership acumen. Participants will take a deep dive into eight leadership topics with time dedicated to collaborate and develop action items to implement in their workplace. The program is designed for alumni of Laurel Ridge Workforce Solutions’ Leadership Institute, managers who want to improve their leadership skills, professionals wanting to advance their careers, and, individuals preparing for further advancement in management, supervision, or leadership roles. Carlene explained that this isn’t an “intro to leadership” program.

The Leadership Excellence program is an 8-week course with in-person classes held from September through December 2020 from 8 am – 12 pm at LFCC’s Middletown campus. The program is limited to 20 participants. The program will focus on three core leadership competencies: adaptability, communication, and resiliency. Jay explained how these topics will be incorporated into each session and discussed the value of learning in this type of group setting. Carlene told us about the research & feedback behind the decision to focus on these core competencies.

You can download the white paper Guy mentioned during the show as well as registration information here:

Guy also mentioned a YouTube video that you can watch here:

For additional information contact Larry Baker via phone: 540-868-7283 or email: [email protected].

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