Laurel Ridge Workforce Solutions Talks 5 Ways to Support Employees During This Unprecedented Time on the Valley Today Radio Show

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We recorded the Valley Today radio show via Zoom with Guy Curtis – Director of Marketing, Business & Industry Training, Carlene Hurdle – Corporate Training Director, and Jelise Ballon – Corporate Training Product Developer from Laurel Ridge Workforce Solutions.

Listen Here


Our conversation centered around a recent webinar hosted by their organization that offered 5 ways to support employees during this unprecedented time. We discussed Jelise’s background on the topic and how/why the webinar came together. During the show Jelise shared a few of the ways that are covered in the webinar. Guy & Carlene both talked about “business as usual” not being as usual in this new economic climate. We discussed how they’re also making changes to the way they offer their services and classes to accommodate the needs of local businesses.

If you’d like to watch the webinar and download the material we discussed during the show, click here:

Click here if you’d like to watch the Zoom interview and hear a bit of pre/post show conversation.