IT Pathways

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Which IT Pathway Will You Choose?

At Laurel Ridge Workforce Solutions, we don’t just offer job training, we offer complete career pathways for you to choose from. Our workforce coaches work with you to help you design a pathway for your future and provide an overall career outlook using real-time industry and employment data in the regions that are important to you.

Interested in a career in IT?

Check out the IT career pathways that we currently have available and see what is best for you. You can attend an upcoming FREE INFORMATION SESSION or read more about all of our computer and technology programs at Workforce Solutions >>> START OR ENHANCE YOUR IT CAREER

Rather see careers instead of pathways?

Earning one or more credentials can land you your dream job in IT in almost ANY industry. If you have an idea of what you would like your job title to be, check out what Laurel Ridge can do for you when it comes to career certificates.

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