Barbara J. Byrd Clarke County Student Success Fund

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Thanks to an investment from Mrs. Barbara J. Byrd, which was matched by the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education, Clarke County residents enrolled in Laurel Ridge Workforce Solutions programs are invited to apply for a scholarship. Limited funds are available, and the amount of the scholarship will vary.  Residents of Clarke County seeking financial assistance for career training programs and educational resources may contact Sherry Pinto, [email protected].

There are also technology grants and emergency funds available to assist LFCC students from Clarke County who demonstrate need. Contact Sherry Pinto for more information.

A resident of Clarke County since childhood, Mrs. Byrd was a teacher for 9 years and represented the Russell district on the Clarke County Board of Supervisors for 20 years, becoming the first woman elected to the Board.  She has seen firsthand the challenges faced by students and residents of Clarke County in pursuing higher education.  The goal of this scholarship is to help increase educational attainment levels in Clarke County. According to Mrs. Byrd: “Whether it is a vocational/technical education, a 2-year college, or a 4-year university, motivated individuals should be given the opportunity to advance their lives in a positive way.”