Fall Brings Change

There’s something really special about, fall isn’t it? Whether it’s the wooly scarves, bright foliage, or the anticipation of the fast-approaching holiday season, people just seem to absolutely love this season.

Fall represents transition and change. It is the epitome of impermanence. The flowers that bloomed over the spring and summer return to the earth. Tree and bushes trade in their green leaves for pink, red, orange, gold, yellow, and brown ones that eventually fall and are covered by soft white. The intensity of the sun weakens and we exchange heat for chill and cold, iced drinks for warm, spiced ones, and shorts for comfy sweaters. Change is happening all around you, but what about within you?

Change can be uncomfortable and many people may find themselves trying to avoid it in every way possible. However as current events have it, 2020 has forced change upon everyone in a very unavoidable fashion. As we enter the fall, we also enter our seventh month of the pandemic and along the way, we have seen something like a “seasonal shift” of the crisis itself. The initial, groundbreaking shock has diminished and people are all getting into a certain flow of things. Everyone has accepted it for what it is and looked within themselves to find out what needs to change in order to maintain personal levels of normality.

Embracing change doesn’t cause people to lose themselves; it causes them to adapt, adjust, and at times make hard decisions. But much like the trees in the fall and winter that lose their leaves, they remain strong and rooted into the ground. Knowing what you need to do is one thing but taking action to get it done is another.

This fall, take a look inside yourself and reflect on what you see. Are you the person that you want to be? Do you get satisfaction from your job or home life? Are you where you want to be? If not, are you on your way? In this transitional shift, take time to focus on your future and begin to think about what needs to change because whatever changes are calling you this season, you owe it to yourself to honor them.