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Wireless Networking Fundamentals

March 15, 2023 - December 31, 2024

Wireless networking has become one of the fastest growing segments within the computer industry. This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of wireless and mobile network standards systems. Students will become familiar with an introduction to wireless networking technology, wireless communications, two types of wireless technology/short and long range, network planning, and wireless network standards and security. This course covers both the fundamentals of wireless networking and the practical aspects of wireless systems. Students will become familiar with wireless standards, and mobile development platforms, as well as emerging technologies and concepts covering network security. The course will describe concepts, technology and applications of wireless networking as used in current and next-generation wireless networks. In addition, the course addresses the fundamentals of wireless communications and provides an overview of existing and emerging wireless communication networks. The goal of this course is to impart state-of-the-art technologies of wireless networking and motivate students' interest in further advanced courses in network technology. Details