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Train Local. Learn Local.

Workforce Solutions and Continuing Education (WSCE) provides professional development and technical training opportunities that will enhance the skills of employees and improve an organizations’ performance. Partnering together, we will assess and pinpoint your organization’s needs and develop specific solutions to help your employees succeed and improve your bottom line.

Advantages of Corporate Training Include:

  • Subject matter experts bring experience and insight to your door
  • Reduce the time and research it would take your organization to identify and design effective training programs
  • Quickly access training materials and licensed industry training products
  • Delivered 24/7 to meet the dynamic needs of your scheduling demands
  • Training on-site at your organization, any LFCC sites, and more

List of Training Categories:

  • Assessments and Profiles
  • Computer and Software Training
  • Customer Service
  • Education K-12 Workshops
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Human Resources and Employment Regulations
  • Industrial and Technical Training Programs
  • Leadership and Frontline Supervision
  • Lean and Process Improvement
  • Motivational Workshops
  • Nonprofit Academy
  • Organizational Team Building and Accountability
  • Succession Programs for Future Leaders
  • Strategic Planning
  • And More!

See our Course Overviews for an extensive listing of courses and programs offered.

We are committed to helping businesses and industries in our region achieve their goals. Call us today to arrange a FREE consultation. To inquire about bringing these courses listed or any type of training program to your organization on-site, contact: Larry Baker [email protected] (540) 868-7283

Let Workforce Solutions be a Partner in Your Success!

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