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In an active shooter situation, you have about 2-3 minutes to make the right decision. Losing just one person to an armed intruder/active shooter is one too many.

Active Shooter: Prevention and Awareness

What will you do if there’s an active shooter? Chances are your heart rate will increase, cognitive skills will decrease, your auditory skills will disappear, and tunnel vision will take over. Active Shooter Employee Preparedness is filled with statistical information and covers how you can prepare now, warning signs of a potentially disgruntled employee, discussions on what to do in an active shooter situation through a 3-step process, and how to help during the aftermath. Come to learn what to do in a non-stressful learning environment so you’re prepared.

Active Shooter: HR Policy and Procedures

Now that you’ve learned what happens during an active shooter event and how individuals should respond, Active Shooter Employer Preparedness is specifically designed for people who employ others including any Leaders, Safety and Human Resource professionals. According to, 29% of active shooter incidents occurred in schools and 40% occurred in businesses. Topics covered in this course include steps to prevent workplace violence, policies for creating a safe workplace, implementing emergency plans, discovering the best safe zones, how to train others to shelter in place and how to manage the consequences of an active shooter event. Participants also learn the latest technological advances to keep your environment safe. Lunch is provided at 12:30. Course content starts at 1:00 p.m.

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