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“As the HR Administrator for a small company, it can be difficult to find the time and funding to offer and provide ongoing training and learning opportunities to our employees.  Laurel Ridge Workforce Solutions has been our go-to over the years.  From customer service skills to leadership training to first aid certifications, we can always count on this organization to provide professional, well-prepared, and useful content at a reasonable cost.  Although we have enjoyed all the instructors we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, we would like to recognize two instructors in particular – Jay Foreman and Serena Brafford.  They are so friendly, engaging, and knowledgeable in their respective fields and we are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from them.  Thank you again for the service and learning opportunities you offer to the community!”
–Tracy Houck, Gibson Home Services, LLC

“The apprenticeship program we’re running, in partnership with Laurel Ridge Workforce Solutions, has transformed our Winchester team. Since it’s founding in 2012 we have been able to organically grow HVAC service technicians, our productivity has increased and turnover has been effectively eliminated.  Most important though is that by investing in the professional growth of our technicians we have also invested in their personal growth.  I encourage those seeking a well paying and satisfying trade to attend the open house event, participate in the quiz giveaway and learn how an Apprenticeship program can benefit them and their families.  Businesses in the local community should also participate if they want to experience increased productivity and team commitment.”
–Jay Ashton on Southern Air Inc. 

“One of the best seminars in regards to customer service that I have ever been to.”
–Kayla Romer

“ The Spanish for Teachers class  is the single most valuable and relevant professional development activity I have participated in twelve years of service to public schools.”
–Laurel Ridge Educational Consortium participant

“Laurel Ridge Community College’s Workforce Solutions provides learning opportunities for employees and Thermo Fisher  Scientific by “opening doors” for their careers. We depend on Workforce Solutions to provide a variety of courses and certification programs for our employees.”
–Jill Heare, Supervisor Human Resources, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Mr. Amerault is an engaging and knowledgeable instructor that made the class interesting and valuable in terms of future employment.”
— Dianne Wright

“I really enjoyed the interaction among all classmates. I also gained new perspective from the lectures/group activities.” 
–Jeff Hummer 

“Very educational – something to take back to workplace and put into practice right away.”
–Steve Brill

They consistently meet our needs by providing top-notch training

“A very good class. I will be able to use this course material on my job.” 
— Alan Watson

“Class was informative; a must for anyone working with Excel.
— Bill Longenecker

“I attended the Motorcycle Basic Rider class at Laurel Ridge Community College.  This was a great experience with faculty and students…at a Virginia Community College.  The instruction was excellent, facilities exceeded expectations, and learning about the resources available through your college is valuable for the military and business community.  I look forward to recommending colleagues to your office for Workforce Resources.”
— Damian Lane, PhD

“As an educational system, we value the nature and quality of the programs delivered through the Workforce Solutions Unit at Laurel Ridge Community College. Laurel Ridge Community College has partnered with our schools division to offer valuable training and workshops for teachers and principals.”
–Peter Vernimb, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Frederick County Public Schools

“The filmmaking camp was wonderful. My extremely introverted and reserved 10 your old son came home every afternoon talking a mile a minute about what they did, his ideas and what they we conceptualizing for the next day. He was fully engaged through the whole process and extremely proud of the end result. Thank you so much for this wonderful platform for keeping our children active and intellectually engaged through the summer.”
–Parent of Digital Arts Camp student

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