Name of the Game – Keep Your Manufacturing Equipment Running

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Keep things running! That is the name of the game in the Manufacturing Industry!

In manufacturing, it is essential for equipment to run optimally. This is not only to maintain production but also ensure staff safety and product quality. In many cases, when equipment fails, it is due to the fact that the correct service intervals have not been met and/or replaced parts installed are not in line with genuine original manufacturer’s specification.

What if the machine operators were armed with the “why“?
  • Do your machine operators know the difference between copper-clad aluminum instead of pure copper?
  • Do they understand that one costs less than the other, and the cheaper one changes the frequency which in turns changes the way a machine operates?
  • Do they know the AC/DC theory?
  • Do they know system hardware, programming equipment, wiring diagrams, or Ladder Logic Programs?
  • Are they familiar with Allen Bradley and Siemens PLC languages?
With manufacturing equipment costing thousands of dollars, you cannot afford to miss out on training your workforce. It will save in the long run and provide a net return when your machine operators are armed with the “why” and can see or anticipate a problem quickly.

Our Mechatronics Program is designed to do just that, arm machine operators with the “why”. We have two parts to our advanced manufacturing training program, Mechatronics Level I and Leve II. The Mechatronic Level 1 starts with Industrial Mechanics, Industrial Electrical and Electronics, Fluid Power Systems, and the Introduction to PLC. Mechatronics Level II consists of Advanced PLC and Industrial Instrumentation and Control.