Webinar: Three Ways to Triple Your Training Dollars

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When times get tough, training is often the first to get cut from budgets. Yet research shows that job-related training and development opportunities are a top influencer on an employee’s decision to apply for and stay at a job1.

While your staff craves professional development, it often takes a back seat to doing “real work” because many organizations struggle to understand and justify the value of training without proper tools in place to quantify the benefits.

But did you know that there are avenues for funding that allow Virginia companies to stretch their training dollars with relevant, on-site, skills-based training?  In fact, you could triple your training dollars and provide nationally recognized credentials for your staff. That’s just what Powell’s Plumbing did.

Watch this webinar replay that explains the different state-funded opportunities for over 25 different professional and trades credentialed training programs, as well as real-life examples from local businesses like Powell’s Plumbing.

Watch the webinar replay today

1Gallup. “Millennials Want Jobs to be Development Opportunities”