From Crisis to Continuity: Advice from a Former Air Force Pilot Webinar Replay

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When an unexpected crisis hits, it can take months for a business to reset and recover. When the crisis is ongoing and ever-changing, like the current pandemic we’re facing, it can take even longer.

After flying combat missions in Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Libya, former Air Force Commander and Fighter Pilot Kenny Smith learned first-hand the importance of preparing for the unexpected and how to remain resilient even in the face of crisis. As a Senior Defense Analyst he’s helped organizations around the world apply the same tactics used by the military to continue operations in the midst of crisis.

In this free 30-minute webinar Kenny will share key pillars of creating a Continuity of Operations (COOP) model for your business to adjust during the unexpected and move from crisis to continuity.

About the speaker:

Kenny SmithKenny Smith is a Senior Defense Analyst for Booz Allen Hamilton supporting clients on national security issues in various locations across the globe.  Kenny is also 25-year Air Force Veteran and Fighter Pilot who has conducted combat operations in Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Libya. While at the Pentagon, he served as a senior political-military policy division chief for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.   Kenny is a 1992 graduate of The University of Virginia with a degree in Chemistry.  He also possesses three Master’s Degrees to include an MBA and degrees from the US Air Force’s Air University and the Department of Defense’s National Defense University.  He originally calls Fredericksburg, VA home, is a rabid Redskins fan and in his down time, loves to travel with his family, play golf, and study Scripture.

Watch the Free Webinar Replay