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April 1, 2021 - December 31, 2022

Language: English

Short Description: The Building Automation Systems (BAS) Online Certificate Program provides entry level knowledge for those aspiring to become Direct Digital Controls (DDC) Technicians. The program discusses electric and electronic control systems used in commercial HVAC systems. Building Automation Systems (BAS) are discussed in detail, starting with older systems and proceeding to today’s modern web-based systems. The student learns the types and methods of operator interfaces in commercial buildings, as well as the different types of BAS inputs and outputs in detail.

Moving on, students learn the skills and in-depth understanding needed to install and program typical modern BAS equipment. Instruction is carried out in a vendor-independent manner. VAV terminal box, Air Handling Unit, and Central Boiler/Chiller Plant Programming will be used as examples.

Moving further on, HVAC Technicians and others involved in the HVAC, industry learn BAS advanced implementation strategies regarding energy saving features. This HVAC/R Building Automation Systems (BAS) online training program also equips the technician to perform basic service troubleshooting of BAS and understand the role and structure of interoperable systems including BACNET and LON. The student will then be able to work with commissioning agents to ensure proper BAS operation and implementation.

A series of recorded video lecture presentations included with each learning module are covered in detail in a ‘ride-along in the service van’ format. All scenarios are derived from actual service calls. Upon completion of this HVAC/R Building Automation Systems (BAS) online training program, the technician will have covered a minimum 70% of the most frequent service calls on BAS/DDC.

Upon successful completion of a course (a score of 75% or higher), students are registered into the next one and receive a certificate of completion.

Instructor Description: Though this program is a self-paced program it is supported by an educational mentor. Educational mentors are subject matter experts who have years of experience in their field as well as the necessary educational training and credentials to work as an expert. The mentor is available to answer any questions a learner may have including questions on course content, course material, certifications, and even industry questions.
Ron Auvil is a Staff Instructor. He has over 30 years of HVAC and Controls Experience. This includes 35 years teaching experience. He has worked as a senior controls technician for Johnson Controls. He has also taught HVAC controls classes across the United States for Johnson Controls, Honeywell, and others.